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Virginia Military Institute
Getting Involved

One of the best, most tangible ways you can help is to become a professor, instructor or visiting military member in VMI and spend time with the cadets! Please contact the Commandant, Capt. Hiram Curnutt to apply. Email him at or phone at 425.418.5186


1. A basic School of the Soldier (manual of arms).
2. A basic School of the Company.
3. How to recognize the various officer ranks and the honors paid to those officers.
4. How to determine which branch of service a soldier serves in. (artillery, infantry, etc.,)
5. The proper way for 1860s cadet to address elders, ladies, soldiers and others.
6. An abbreviated unit history of the member units of the WCWA.
7. Battlefield safety and camp skills.


Fatigue or Summer Dress (optional)
Gray Forage Cap or Kepi Gray Kepi
White (cotton) or Gray Cadet Trousers
Gray Cadet Shell Jacket
Shirt (period)
Crimson Sash *
Quaker Musket
Cadet Sword (inoperable)
* Sash may be worn with the Summer uniform for parade and by NCOs at all times.

Note: A number of uniform options are available. Please contact me if you have questions. We have loaner muskets and some jackets.

Terms of Service

We portray people from a more simple time, but we are modern people in modern times. We must take precautions when dealing with our children, so that there are no doubts about the integrity of our leaders or the WCWA. If there is only one child for the Morning Parade, VMI will be suspended for that day. 
In addition there will be no overnight facilities for any cadet at the leaders tent (Capt. Curnutt). This is intended to be a day activity only.

In the event that a cadet wishes to remain in the corps beyond age thirteen they will be able to stay in the cadet camp under the normal guidelines of the WCWA.
We will participate with the Norwich Cadets at evey opportunity.

Would you like to make a Donation?

Things we could always use are gray kepis, gray shell jackets and black leather belts with buckle. This would allow us to outfit a boy or girl for a weekend. Money works too! ;-)