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Virginia Military Institute
Who We Are

Who is Captain Stephen Pierce?

I've been a member of the 1st Louisiana Zouaves in Washington Civil War Association since 1994. I'm also a member of the 14th Brooklyn in the Northwest Civil War Council for about 5 years. I've held a number of positions including Commander and Quartermaster. I'm also a private in the 45th Infantry Division, a World War II organization, The Friends of Willie and Joe. I've been a Tee-ball coach and enjoy kids. Please call me if you have any questions. I plan to participate with Donn Gallon's Norwich Cadets as much as possible thru the year. We're not really taking sides.

Cadet Rank Structure

Cadet rank will be earned by achievement. The ranks will be as follows:

Rank Criteria

Rat (Recruit) New Members (until Manual of Arms is learned)
Cadet Corporal 
Cadet Sergeant 
Cadet Officers 

Note: The ranks will be used to form the company, but not to give cadets authority over younger cadets.

A typical Day at an Event.

0800 Check-in
0815 Manual of Arms and Drill
0900 Morning Parade & Report

1000 Visit a Member Unit 
1045 Assemble for battle
1200 Lunch - with parents

1300 Interactive Period Discussion

1400 Visit a Member Unit
1445 Dismissal
1600 Kid's Battle
There will not be VMI on Sunday until further notice.