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Virginia Military Institute
Newsletter Page 3


Steilacoom Event, Virginia Military Institute

Captain Stephen Pierce of Virginia Assigned


The event took place near the lake in Steilacoom Washington, 24, 25 and 26 May 2003. We had a number of old Cadets as well as some new faces. Saturday and Sunday we had 5 Cadets at morning formation, and 7 Cadets on Monday (we also had 5 new members join). Each day we practiced military drill and ceremony prior to Parade.


Saturday we met with Ann Heisler, a Union Laundress. She talked about her work, how she stayed with the Army and how she was paid. Next we talked to Captain Roy Houston of the CSA Marines. He showed us their cannon and talked to the kids about safety. Our last lesson for the day was with Dennis Lawler who described his position as an Army musician. He also showed his drum to the kids.


Sunday, we only had two lessons because of church. The kids really enjoyed going to the US medical where they took turns getting on the surgeons table. Surgeon Mike Inman and Steward Kim Davis were very busy pulling out bullets and cutting off arms and bandaging every thing the kids could think off. They also had quite a collection of original surgeon implements that the kids were able to see. The kids found an extra arm lying around. That was a big hit. The last lesson of the day was with the Parson, Major T.L. Moore. He talked to the kids about behaving and how reenacting was a lot like real life.


Monday was a short day for the kids. We spent the last lesson with Ken Morris of the 10th New York Cavalry. He talked a little about soldiering and then introduced the kids to Stone Wall. This was a great looking gray horse with dark spots. Nothing the kids did bothered Stonewall. I think he liked the attention.


Please thank these people for spending the time with the Cadets. They were very patient and the talks were at the Cadets level.


Each day the Cadets ought to assemble at my tent at 8 so I can get them ready for Parade and get them on my morning report. We typically have lessons scheduled for 9, 1 and 2 oclock. Kids go back to parents for lunch at noon. I just cant do lunch, not with cost and sanitation, etc. I give the kids water every hour. None of my kids have had any dehydration problems that I know of. For Sunday service, the kids can either go back to their folks or go to church with me. Between lessons and during the battles, the kids usually fight (play) the Union kids. I monitor this a little, both to watch my younger charges and to be able to round every one up for the next lesson. I also assign older kids to watch out for the younger ones.


I would like to keep moving towards a standard uniform. The uniform should be a gray shell jacket and a gray forager cap or kepi. These are offered at a discount to Cadets by Timeless Stitches, Mrs. Lynne Harriman of Everson WA, 360-966-5132. Pants can be gray or they can be boys white Levis. Shoes should be black or brown and be broken in before the weekend.


Feel free to contact me by mail, telephone, 425-640-8808, or Email (thats horseless numeric ONE) If you ask me a question, Im sure others would like to hear the question and answer as well.


Stephen Pierce

8008 190 street SW

Edmonds WA 98026